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Very useful and easy to use

Great app

Best Ive seen so far. Would be ultimate to be able to choose the exact amount of seconds before ring. Great job.

Very good now but could be even better!

This app isnt for sending fake calls, but good for excusing yourself from a conversation or vice versa. Id say itd be a godsend for those with social anxiety and such, but theres needed improvements. It makes it look just like youre actually getting called;and even when the call ends lets you go to a picture you can take of your home screen to make it seem even more authentic. All three calls are only about 1-2 minutes long and can only excuse you for so long b4 you could have to "hang up" and face whatever you were avoiding. (Also one just makes you like a creepy push over dude that wont leave this poor lady alone? I feel so bad for her.) You can record a call, but the fact is its not going to seem real if people realize youre talking to a recorded version of yourself. Getting a friend to do it is ideal but over all itd be best if there was more variety in phone calls. Recommended add ons: A setting which has a phone call you the SECOND u press the "start call button" so that if u record something you can hear it right away Make the calls LOUDER so that people can hear the person over the phone so it seems even more realistic. Make sure the lines youre ideally repeating cant be heard though, bc thatd be awkward(their volume now is fine though). Option to mute the lines youre implied to be speaking Possible idea where if you press "speaker" people can hear the person youre"talking to" on your volume while your lines arent spoken but there is a script on your screen you can read off of for extra realism. Would also help for those with hearing impairment. In general just pre recorded in-app calls thatd require "you" to leave the situation youre in like a family emergency or someone saying you missed your appointment. Call where you just talk about something random like games or something for 7 minutes so that no one bothers you. Also just something that sounds like an upset/angry boss that needs you to do something so that no one will bother you with your "business affairs" Possible?? For recordings allow you to record 2 times. One where you say person 1s lines. Then you make another while the other recording of persons 2 lines. You can then make person 1 or 2s lines quieter like the preset calls. Otherwise I hope this app gets better and also a lot more different than lite!! There is barely any difference but I like the app even as is so I still bought it :>!

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